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How do you come up with your resume objective statement if you are applying for a volunteering job?

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Renetta DeBlase

Author of With Stars in My Eyes

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Find out how to craft a short, clear and concise resume objective statement in order to apply for a volunteering job.
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When applying for volunteer jobs, your resume objective statement should be short, clear, and concise. Then in a follow-up paragraph, state the reasons why you chose a particular area in which to volunteer, and also clarify if volunteering will be full time, part time, or even temporary.

Also, discuss your present employment situation, indicating if you have a full-time or part-time job, have been laid off or are retired and would like to fill your free time with volunteer work. 

The resume objective statement should follow your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address so that the HR person who is reviewing your resume will know which departments may be interested in hiring you as a volunteer.

Then in a follow-up paragraph or paragraphs, state the reasons why you chose a particular area in which to volunteer; for example, if you love dogs and cats, state that you want to volunteer at a local shelter or animal society, and if you are interested in politics, during the 2012 campaign season, you might want to volunteer to work for one of the presidential candidates.

Also, list the days and hours that you will be available for volunteer work. This is important because employers and volunteer supervisors want to be able to contact volunteers sometimes at the last moment, and it is important for them to have accurate contact information about you.

I also believe that your educational and employment history should follow the resume objective statement so that HR persons interested in interviewing you for volunteer work will know enough about your background. Furthermore, there is always the possibility that a volunteer job may result in a full-time paying job for an applicant. 

Two examples of a resume objective statement follow.

  • Objective: To work as a volunteer copyeditor/proofreader now that I have retired from a long career in publishing. I would like to volunteer for editorial assignments at university presses and scholarly publishers.
  • Objective: To work at an animal rights organization or a local shelter to care for abandoned dogs and cats. I have done a lot of rescue work previously and would like to continue working with animals on a volunteer basis.

I hope this information will be helpful to many readers.

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